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Training sets the foundation for optimizing your technology investment. Qtech training is tailor made based on the role and buisness objective. We offer instructor-led, web-based or customer-site training with focus on

  1. Introduction to TIBCO

  2. Architecture

    • Fundamentals of TIBCO Enterprise

    • Architecting solutions with TIBCO BusinessWorks

    • Architecting solutions with TIBCO BusinessEvents

  3. Development

    • Essentials of TIBCO BusinessWorks

    • Essentials of TIBCO BusinessEvents

    • Developing enterprise solutions with TIBCO BusinessWorks

    • Developing enterprise solutions with TIBCO BusinessEvents

  4. Administration

    • Administering TIBCO BusinessWorks Solutions

    • Administering TIBCO BusinessEvents Solutions

    • Monitoring and Managing TIBCO enterprise with TIBCO Hawk

  5. Design/Development/Deployment Gotchas

  6. CoE

  7. Standard Operating Procedures


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