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Mobile Apps

Mobile is the future for Enterprise Business and Operations visibility. 


For Business Execution, we have prebuilt Mobile apps for the following functions

  • BusinessObjects Mobile App 

  • CRM Sales Mobile App 

  • Customer and Contacts Mobile App 

  • ERP Customer Order Entry Mobile App 

  • ERP Quality Issue Mobile App 

  • In-Store Product Lookup Mobile App

  • Inventory Manager 

  • Inventory Look up 

  • Article Creation 

  • Transaction lookup 

  • Bonus Buy Creation

  • CCMS Alerts 

  • Pricing Workbench 

  • Sales Order Creation

  • Material Availability Mobile App 

In the IT Operations front, we have prebuilt Mobile apps and WebUI with emphasis on alerting and escalations, developed for the following

1. Audit/Logging/Exception Handling

2. Operational Alerting and Notification

3. Workflows/Delegation for Operational needs

4. Operational Visibility and Analytics

  • KPIs - Transaction/Error counts

  • SLAs - Response times for various services

  • Hawk Alerts and Application Exceptions

  • Email Management for various notifications

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